Is it required to follow up on the paper status via phone call, or is it acceptable to do so just through the website?

It is sufficient to follow up on the article just through the journal’s website; if a phone call is required, the journal office will contact the number supplied by the author in the registration system.



Is it required to translate all of the references to English?‎

Yes, all references must be in English, however Persian references must include the phrase [In Persian].


Is it feasible to do a basic evaluation of the paper outside of the journal guidelines?‎

No, any submitted papers that are not in the guidelines of the journal will be returned to the author for revision.


To defend my thesis, I need to expedite the reviewing of the submitted paper!‎

The journal is under no duty to give recognized authors' works in order to prove their argument. When the reviewers respond to the review and evaluation of the manuscript, the respected authors will be notified as soon as possible.