Peer Review Process

Articles for the Forest Research and Development can only be submitted through the journal's website. To do so, the corresponding author must create a user account on the journal's website and, after filling out the necessary forms, upload their paper, which must adhere the instructions for authors (which may be found in the guide for authors section). If the article is appropriately submitted, an email will be sent to the author's email address. Such an item will be assessed as quickly as possible by the journal's manager sections, and if it fits the minimal conditions for the proposal in the editorial board of the journal, it will be included in the journal's agenda. Following that, the author can monitor the most recent state of their manuscript via the journal's website and the user page of the corresponding author.

The manuscripts on the journal's agenda are examined by the editor, specialist secretary, and editorial board members, and if they are deemed eligible for review, they will be included in the reviewing process when the reviewers are chosen.

The editorial board of the Forest Research and Development has decided that no price would be paid for the reviewing and publishing of the paper.

Articles in Forest Research and Development are reviewed anonymously on both sides, and the authors and reviewers do not know each other. Any effort by the authors to identify the article's reviewers will be interpreted as an attempt to influence the reviewer, and the article will be taken from the agenda.

If the article is not rejected after obtaining the opinions of all reviewers, the feedbacks will be send to the authors as soon as possible, so that, if required, they may implement the reviewers' comments and enhance the quality of the paper. Authors have 15 days (up to one month) to revise the manuscript, and if they do not resubmit the corrected manuscript by the deadline, it will be withdrawn from the journal's agenda. The corrected version of the manuscript will be sent to the reviewers to verify the errors and re-examine the text, and the authors should edit the manuscript until they approve the content. The author(s) will be notified if the manuscript  is rejected by the reviewers at any stage of the peer review process. Following final acceptance by the reviewers, the manuscript will be examined again by the journal's manager section before being published. It should be noted that the authors of the article have the responsibility to do scientific and literary editing of the article before publishing it, and if the editor of the journal assigns them to make other corrections in the article after the literary editing of the article, they should do so as soon as possible. Furthermore, the authors must carefully review the final version of the article before publishing, and the paper will be published only once they have given their consent.

The flowchart of the peer review process for papers in the Forest Research and Development may be found here.