Effect of cow manure and vermicompost on increasing salt tolerance of golden rain tree

Document Type : Scientific article


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Horticultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Ardakan University, Ardakan, Iran

2 MSc student, Department of Horticultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Ardakan University, Ardakan, Iran

3 Assistant Professor, Department of Horticultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Ardakan University, Ardakan, Iran

4 Assistant Professor, National Salinity Research Center, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Yazd, Iran


In this study, the effects of different levels of salt, cow manure and vermicompost on plant growth and increasing the salt tolerance of two years plants, were investigated. In a factorial experiment and completely randomized design (CRD), three levels of organic amendments (1- soil 2- 80% v/v soil + 20% v/v vermicompost, 3- 80% v/v soil + 20% v/v cow manure) and three levels of salinity (1, 4 and 7 dS.m-1) with three replications per treatments in greenhouse were applied. In this experiment, media without organic amendment was considered as control. Stress duration was three months. Results showed that increasing soil salinity levels progressively decreased the growth characteristics, chlorophyll, and fresh and dry weight of plant and increased activity of catalase and sodium and chloride absorption. Vermicomposte treatment better than control and cow manure increased fresh and dry weight of shoot, relative water content of leaves and potassium. The highest fresh and dry weight of shoots, were obtained in the moderate salinity level (4 ds/m) and vermicompost treatment by 239.83 and 143.53 g respectively. Using of cow manure and vermicompost in low level of salt (1 dS.m-1) did not show significant effect on sodium absorption.


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